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Inside Looking Out Exhibition Opening

What began as a breezy, sunny April day turned into a blustery, cold and rainy evening for the opening of our exhibition at the Lincoln Art Center last Friday. The lack of a large crowd was compensated by the attentiveness and interest of a group of about twenty-five.

The best conversation I had that evening, and the most interesting conversation I have had for a long time, was with an “almost nine-year old” girl.

Kaitlyn and her mother had carefully looked and pondered over each of my collage pieces. Kaitlyn then approached and presented me with a gift of the paper on which she had written descriptions of how she viewed my work. I was almost speechless with her thoughtfulness and choice of language she used to describe my work.

I told her I thought she was a poet. She said she didn’t know what a poet was so I told her a poet expresses feelings with words, just as I express my feelings with visual images. A future poet in the making!

With the permission of her mother I have made a copy of what she wrote. This gift will have an honored place on the wall of my studio.

Barbara Solberg - Exhibitions - Inside Looking Out
My works described by Kaitlyn