Art Notes from the River Road, January 2022

Welcome to my January, 2022, blog post! In addition to posting on my website, I am planning to send out occasional posts by email to all my creative friends who make marks on paper or canvas or on other sorts of materials; or those who make music, sing, sew or appreciate all creativity! I am no longer on Facebook, but I still want to let you know what is happening in my corner of the art world.

Little Snow Bird
Little Snow Bird

First of all, let’s hope 2022 will be a better year for all of us. I was on a creative hiatus for much of 2020, producing only a limited amount of art. Unlike some of my artist friends who just dove in and kept working, I found that I could not have enough piece of mind to concentrate on my work because of the stress from the year’s events. Since then, I have gradually found my way back to drawing, painting, collage and print-making. This image of the “Little Snow Bird,” 5” x 7,” printed by hand, is my new year’s greeting to you.

One of the things I enjoy doing during the winter is watching the small flocks of birds who occasionally migrate through foraging for food, either for plant seeds on the ground or balancing crazily on a dried zinnia stalk feasting on its seed head. That’s another good reason for not cleaning up the flower beds until spring! Hence, the inspiration for this small print.

I have always thought that anyone can learn to draw or be creative, which is why I like teaching studio classes to small groups. I hope to offer classes again once the pandemic loosens its grip. There are many ways to be creative in life other than drawing or painting. A good article I found on NPR recently entitled, “Making Art is Good for Your Health, Here’s How to Start a Habit”. You may be inspired by reading it.

In closing, here are two separate quotes about the creative process that I hope you enjoy:

“The person who makes things is a sign of hope.”
  — Corita Kent, artist

“When I paint, everything else just goes poof.”
  — Reaction from my seven-year-old great-nephew, Kayden, when painting with watercolors during a visit to my studio.