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Mixed Media Gallery

I love combining unusual papers and found objects. As a result, these works are diverse, rich in texture, and have a three-dimensional quality. Certain shapes appeal to me and I may use a found object solely for its form or I may select it for its symbolic quality.

Using a process that is very meditative, I hand-make some of my smaller papers and the resulting sheets are unique in form with irregular edges.

If you see anything that you like in the archive gallery, you can always request a similar commissioned work.

Prairie Song Somewhere in the Flint Hills

Sketches of Spain Land of the Midnight Sun Mirror of Maya Winter's Light

Moon Vessel Cycles: Midsummer Day - Midsummer Night's Dream Cycles: Waiting for Nightfall - The River / Nightfall Impressions of Spring

Parallel Worlds Nordic Influences Sketches of Memory Secret Poems: Runes Night Crossings


Archive Gallery: Mixed Media

Spirit Lines

Slipping into Night

Cycles: Starry Autumn Night - Harvest Moon Reflections

Cycles: Spring - Stirrings / Awakenings

The Sea is all Islands/That Which is not Rock is Sand

Hebridean vision

Moon Talisman

Twilight Walker

Secret of Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain

Into the Midnight Sun


Earth Mother

All of Time

Secret Poem


As Yet Unborn

Dream Time

Good Omen

Primal Rites

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